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LED Unterbauleuchten

Die Kategorie Unterbauleuchten bietet eine große Auswahl an verschiedenen Unterbauleuchten für Ihre Küche, Regale, Schränke und noch mehr. Dabei spielt die Qualität und Lebensdauer der Leuchten eine sehr große Rolle. Alle Unterbauleuchten werden in Deutschland hergestellt und besitzen zudem aussagekräftige Zertifikate oder Prüfsiegel wie CE, RoHS oder gar das TÜV-Siegel.
Illuminate your kitchen, wardrobe, worktop, cabinet, drawer. Small cost, GREAT EFFECT!! We offer various models of aluminium LED strips for self-assembly with accessories.
Kitchen is a place where we usually spend the most time, starting with the morning coffee and ending on clean up after dinner. There are two functions of lighting the kitchen: work lighting and decorative lighting. Bottoms kitchen cabinets, over worktops are the perfect place for the installation of lighting. Linear light sources avoid uneven illumination surfaces and offer shadowless operation. Be sure to mount in a way that minimizes glare users. If the main place to prepare meals is “island” we can use a lamp hanging (quite low, about 50-80cm above the highest head chef). Such a lamp will simultaneously fulfill the function of decorative lighting and can be a decorative element. Using bases and bottoms of kitchen furniture can easily illuminate the floor (using LED STRIPES sources). It will be a very effective way to carry out the functions of decorative lighting kitchen. In the case of large kitchen directing lighting furniture fronts, existing details, flowers, etc., we can get the perfect visual effects at low power consumption. It is recommended that the use of light sources of “cold” (above 6000K) to illuminate work surfaces (due to the higher contrast at work) and “warm” (below 3500-4000K below.) for ornamental functions. Use of LED STRIPES with improved resistance to moisture (so-called “in-silicone”) due to the possibility of easy and thorough cleaning facilitate subsequent operation.